Favorite Major? Favorite Golf Movie? Find out what Srixon staffers Keegan Bradley, Cameron Champ and Jamie Sadlowski had to say as they answer a wide range of rapid fire questions from host Peter Jacobsen.

Cameron Champ and Jamie Sadlowski—two of the longest pros on the planet—teach YOU how to crush it longer in the Distance Workshop.

Great play is defined by perfect feel, total workability, and complete control. But distance is what you crave. So here at Srixon, everything is Built For Distance.



Soft golf balls feel great. Hard golf balls go far. But you’ve never played a ball that’s both soft and hard. Until now.

We start with the core of the core. Then, we add the layers. Thousands of them. Until we’ve built a core that’s firm enough to deliver the explosive distance you expect, yet soft enough for the feel you’ve always wanted in a tour ball.

With its gradual transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge, FastLayer behaves like a core with thousands of layers, giving you distance and soft feel without compromise.




If you really want to score low, you need spin. A lot of spin. So we added SeRM (Slide Ring Material). This extremely resilient urethane cover uses Moveable Polymer Cross-Linking to greatly enhance spin.

With molecular bonds that stretch but don’t break, SeRM gives you a softer cover that actually digs into your club grooves at impact. That extra bite means more friction, which leads to dramatically more spin, and ultimately, unmatched stopping power around the green.