Choosing the right equipment for your game can be tough. With so many performance claims to weigh and time spent trying out new products, who has the time and money to find the exact club for their game?

This is precisely why Srixon developed the new Z Swing Analyzer™. In as little as two swings, the Srixon Z Swing Analyzer quickly recommends the right Z Series driver and iron set for your game. No long fittings, no excessive demoing of clubs, no hassle. With the simple Swing Action™ Score, the unique characteristics of your swing are quickly processed to provide the ideal club model, shaft and loft.

The Srixon Z Swing Analyzer features an easy-to-use app linked to a Swingbyte® sensor, which is attached to a 45-inch driver. With each swing, the app’s proprietary formula analyzes more than 12 key variables, such as swing path, efficiency, impact angle and attack angle. In just a few seconds, that formula returns your Swing Action Score and the Srixon Z Series clubs that are best for your game.


With the Srixon Z Swing Analyzer driver and app in sync, make a standard swing with the driver and hit at least two representative shots.

The app records each swing and its corresponding Swing Action Score, which is composed of 12 key variables including: swing path, efficiency, impact angle and attack angle.

The Swing Action Score corresponds directly to the player’s optimal Srixon Z Series club makeup. For example, a score of 3.9 indicates the player will benefit most from the new Z 355 Driver and Irons with Action Mass technology.

Swingbyte is the advanced, easy-to-use mobile swing analyzer that powers our Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer and Srixon Z Swing Analyzer systems. Swingbyte captures swing motion and displays an interactive 3D visual of the swing along with key data points via the Analyzer apps.


The Swingbyte mobile swing analyzer can be purchased separately and used as a training tool on any club, driver through putter. The Swingbyte app features over 14 data points and a variety useful training features. It’s available for iOS, Android and Google Glass.


For Srixon / Cleveland Golf, making innovative equipment and golf balls is not enough. Every day, we strive to learn more about new ways to improve your game. Swingbyte is a motion technology leader dedicated to creating affordable, easy-to-use consumer technology that helps golfers improve their swing. It was logical for Srixon / Cleveland to partner with a company like Swingbyte because they share our passion for meaningful innovation. Learn more about Swingbyte at www.swingbyte.com


Swingbyte is a motion analytics company that provides meaningful insights by tracking and analyzing motion data. Its namesake product is an affordable mobile golf swing analyzer that helps users identify flaws and improve their golf swing. The Swingbyte sensor, which attaches to any club – driver through putter – captures key metrics and transmits swing data and an interactive 3D image of the swing to a smartphone or tablet device. Swingbyte is available for iOS, Android and Google Glass.



A launch monitor measures ball flight with high-speed camera, radar, or some other sophisticated technology. This allows for club recommendations based on common variables such as launch angle and spin, but it does little to explain why the swing produced those results. The Srixon Z Swing Analyzer is a swing-based tool that quickly and easily explains your club fit through the Swing Action Score.


We cannot publish the proprietary formula, but what we can tell you is that there are dozens of different data points being pulled throughout the course of your swing and every one of them is helping the app make a decision that will help your game. Key metrics include swing speed, attack angle, and swing path.


The Srixon Z Swing Analyzer can be used anywhere you can hit a golf ball. As long as the driver is synced with the app, it will record your data and provide the Swing Action Score.